Business Services

New Business Setup

We specialise in helping people start their business. The right 'opening moves' are critical to success.

You can select from any of these services

• Establishing the right structure now for taxation, asset protection and succession going forward.

• Registration of all business names, ABN's, TFN's, etc.

• Establishment of a Workers Compensation policy if necessary.

• Initial Budgets & Cashflow forecasts.

• Financing your start up.

• Selection of the right accounting software that matches your skills and your business needs.

• Business Insurance Musts.

• Follow up 'Management Meetings'

• How to pay Staff / Contractors

• Understand your financials

Click here to see our booklet 'Thinking of Starting or Buying a Small Business'




Growing Your Existing Business

At Emerald Taxation Services we aim to concentrate on the "FAB 5" things a business person wants from their Accountant.

1. Growth

2. Profit

3. Cashflow

4. Asset Protection

5. Succession

1, 2, 3 - Growth, Profit and Cashflow

We encourage our clients to think like a business 10 times their size. We can help you:

• Write a business and marketing plan

• Prepare a financial budget and cashflow forecast

• Prepare a monthly 'Promotional' calendar

• Hold a strategic planning session (brainstorm where you want to be)

• Hold a monthly or quarterly "Management" meeting

• Understand your financials

4 - Asset Protection

We ensure that your current structure meets your needs when it comes to protecting your personal and business assets.

There are four main business structures:

Sole Trader, Partnership, Trust, Company

Insurance also has a key role to play here - and yes we can help!

5 - Succession Planning

Succession planning is about maximising the value of your business / being sale ready (see points 1 - 3 above).

Your exit strategy may involve a gradual sale to a partner or shareholder or complete sale of the business itself.

We can work you through all the issues so you have peace of mind that you have covered as many issues as you could reasonably foresee.